Maulvibazar District (Sylhet division) is surrounded by Sylhet district on the north, Tripura state of India on the south, Assam and Tripura states of India on the east, and Habiganj district on the west. 
Area: 2799.39 sq km
Population: 1604028; male 50.11%, female 49.89%; Muslim 70.59%, Hindu 28.31%, Christian 0.92%, Buddhist 0.04%, others 0.14%. Ethnic nationals: Manipuri, Khasi, Tripura, Halam; of these group have their own languages. 
Maulvi Bazar Town: It stands on the bank of the River Manu. It consists of 9 wards and 47 mahallas. It has an area of 10.36 sq km; population 41358; male 54.97%, female 45.03%; density of population is 3992 per sq km. Literacy rate among the town people is 56.7%. Maulvi Bazar Municipality was established in 1930. The town has one Circuit House and one Rest House; Pashchim Bazar and Chowmuhana are the main commercial centres.
Administration: Maulvi Bazar subdivision was established in 1960 and was turned into a district in 1984. It consists of 6 upazilas, 4 municipalities, 36 wards and 123 mahallas, 66 union parishads, 876 mouzas, 2030 villages.

The Upazilas are

01. Barlekha
Mayor-Fakhrul Islam (BNP)

02. Kamalganj
Mayor- Abu Ibrahim Jamsed (BNP)

03. Kulaura
Mayor-Kamal Uddin Ahmed (BNP)

04. Maulvi Bazar Sadar
Mayor-Foyzul Karim (BNP)

05. Sreemangal
Mayor-Mohsin Miah Modhu(BNP)

Municipalities: The Municipalities are

01. Barlekha Upazila
02. Kamalganj Upazila
03. Kulaura Upazila
04. Maulvi Bazar Sadar Upazila
05. Rajnagar Upazila
06. Sreemangal Upazila

Newspapers and periodicals: Daily Maulvi Bazar, Daily Banglar Din, Daily Khola Chithi; weeklies: Patakunrir Desh, Manu Varta, Janaprattasha, Muktakatha, Manb Thikana, Hefazat-e-Islam, Maulvi Bazar Darpan, Al Insan, Sreemangaler Chithi, Sree Bani, Pubali Varta, Sree Vhumi, Joy Varta, Kulaurar Dak, Rajkantha; fortnightly: The Sylhet Today, Banhi Shikha; Monthly: Dur Diganta, Sree Gaurban;. extinct: Monthly Tabligul Islam and Monthly Tanjimul Muslemin (1924), Sreehatta Vraman-Paridarshan (1930), Weekly Avijan (1935), Monthly Christian Jagat (1935), Quarterly Brati (1936), Weekly Nakib (1937), Abahani (1939), Weekly Agradut (1960), Monthly Bonna (1970), Weekly Biplavi Bangla (1972), Weekly Muktabarta (1972), Weekly Fariad (1987).
NWD Code of All Thana:
01. Barlekha Upazila-08622
02. Kamalganj Upazila-08623
03. Kulaura Upazila-08624
04. Maulvi Bazar Sadar Upazila-0861
05. Rajnagar Upazila-08625
06. Sreemangal Upazila- 08626

Parliament Member:
235. Maulvibazar-1
Election Area:Baralekha
Winner Candidate: Md. Shahab Uddin-Bangladesh Awami League

236. Maulvibazar-2
Election Area:Kulaura
Winner Candidate: Nawab Ali Abbas Khan-Jatiya Party

237. Maulvibazar-3
Election Area: Rajnagar & Sadar
Winner Candidate: Syed Mohsin Ali-Bangladesh Awami League

238. Maulvibazar-4
Election Area: Kamalganj & Sreemangal
Winner Candidate: Vice Principal Md. Abdus Shahid-Bangladesh Awami League

Transport Service:

Historical Place:

Madhabkunda waterfall, Barlekha.
Hakaluki Haor',
'Madhobpur Lake', '
Bilashchhara Lake', '
Lawachara National Park' in Kamalganj upazilla

Waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Sylhet division. Lots of tourists and picnic parties come to Madhabkunda every day for their enjoyment. You can go to Madhabkunda either from Sylhet if you go by road or from Kulaura if you go by train.
From Kulaura rail station its about one hour journey by microbus to Madhabkunda. The journey to Madhabkunda itself is exotic. On the way you can see the greenish beauty of tea garden, the hills and the zigzag road through the hills will increase the joy of your journey. In Madhabkunda you will see the great waterfall � falls of million tons of water form 200ft. height. Big bolder of stones and the black stones in giving a shape of care in Madhabkundu. There is a Parjatan Motel with a good restaurant for accommodation and fooding.

Hakaluki Haor
Hakaluki Haor located in greater Sylhet, the haor offers a very different type of ecosystem as well as a new set of management issues. The haor basin is an extensive alluvial plain supporting a variety of wetland habitats. It contains about 47 major haors and more than 6,000 beels, or freshwater lakes, nearly half of which are seasonal. Hakaluki Haor itself is a complex of more than 80 inter-connecting beels located in the Maulvi Bazar district. During the dry season, the beels cover an area of approximately 4,400 ha. However, during the rainy season, the entire area gets flooded, and the beels are united as one large lake, or haor, with an area of approximately 18,000 ha. This makes it the largest haor in Bangladesh. Some 190,000 people live surrounding Hakaluki haor area. Hakaluki haor is a highly significant site for a wide variety of waterfowl. It is important for wintering migratory birds. Its overall significance is perhaps best expressed with reference to the various criteria for inclusion as a Ramsar site. "It is a particularly good representative example of a wetland which plays a substantial hydrological, biological or ecological role in the natural functioning of a major river basin85" (Ramsar Criterion 1.c); "It supports an appreciable assemblage of rare, vulnerable or endangered species of plant or animal, or an appreciable number of individuals of any one or more of these species." (Criterion 2.a); "It is of special value for maintaining the genetic and ecological diversity of a region because of the peculiarities of its flora and fauna." (Criterion 2.b); "It regularly supports about 20,000 waterfowl." (Criterion 3.a); "It regularly supports substantial numbers of individuals from particular groups of waterfowl, indicative of wetland values, productivity or diversity" (Criterion 3.b).

Juri River originates from the northeastern hilly areas of Tripura (India) and enters Bangladesh through Dharmanagar of kulaura upazila in maulvi bazar district. From Dharmanagar the river flows further northward along the international boundary and crosses the Kulaura upazila. It falls into the kushiyara river after flowing through the Hakaluki Haor and turning westward. The Bangladesh reach of the Juri river is about 56 km long.

The Manu River originates in the mountains of Tripura (India) and plunges downward through dramatic gorges and steep escarpments until it reaches a broad plain where it becomes slow and meandering, going northward until it reaches the Sylhet plains. The river enters Bangladesh through the Maulvibazar District and meets the Kushiyara River.

Famous Person:

Information Thana Wise:

Barlekha Upazila,

♣ Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd Branch-Barolekha
Sylhet Zone South Hajigonj Bazar,
Baralekha, Moulvibazar
Tel: (08622) 56492
Mobile: 01713425931

♣ NCC Bank Ltd- Baralekha Branch
Dhakhhinbazar, Main Road,
Baralekha , Moulvibazar-3250
Tel: 08622-56462, 56488 08622-56462

♣ Prime Bank Ltd- Barelekha Branch Branch
Hazi Abdul Ali Trade Center 842,
Barelekha Pawrashava Barelekha, Moulvibazar
Tel: (08622) 56519,
Direct : (08622) 56520
Fax:(08622) 56522

♣ Uttara Bank Ltd- Baralekha Branch
Asia Plaza ( 1st Floor ) Uttar Bazar, Union - Baralekha, PS/Upazilla - Baralekha,

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-
Phooltola, Phooltolabazar
P.O.-Phooltolabazar, P.S.-Juri

Kamalganj Upazila,

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Bhanugas Bazar
Bhanugasbazar, P.O.-Karamatnagar
P.S.-Komolgonj, Moulvibazar-3220
Tel: 01722-776812

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Bhukshimoil
Bhukshimoil, P.O.-Bhukshimoil
P.S.-Kularua, Moulvibazar-3230
Tel: 01711-985710

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Karmadha
Kormodha, P.O.-Kormodha
P.S.-Kulaura, Moulvibazar-3233
Tel: 01718-672639

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Katarkona
10 Hajipur Up, P.O.-Monu
P.S.-Kulaura, Moulvibazar-3223

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Kulaura
Shahjalal Market, P.O.-Kulaura
P.S.-Kulaura, Moulvibazar-3230
Tel: 08624-56007

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Rabir Bazar
Rabirbazar, P.O.-Prithimpasha
P.S.-Kulaura, Moulvibazar-3233
Tel: 01711-041395

♣ Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd-Branch-Kulaura
S.A Shopping Center, Dakshin Bazar,
Kulaura, Moulavi Bazar
Tel: (08624) 56634
Mobile: 01714-037945

♣ Southeast bank Ltd-Kulaura Branch (Rural)
Green House, Juri Road, Kulaura,
Dag No. 2197/2198, Union - Kulaura Union Council,
Thana: Kulaura, Dist.: Moulvibazar Bazar
Tel: 08624 - 56208
Fax: 08624 - 56208

♣ National Bank Ltd-
Kulaura Branch-Haji Cherag Ali Shopping Center,
190 , Moulovibaza Road,
P.O. & P.S. Kulaura, Dist. Moulovibazar; Ph

♣ Uttara Bank Ltd- Kulaura Branch
M.R.H. Shopping City, Chowmuhoni,
Kulaura, Moulvibazar-3230,
Tel: 08624-56929,
Mobile: 01730-338193,

Important Contact Number:

PDB (Power Station Office)-08624-56028
Hospital (Upazila Health Complex-08624-56044
Police Station (Thana)-0862456003
Niramoy Diagnostic Center-0862456964
Tajmahal Diagnostic Center-01712238354
Ramgopal Pharmacy-08624-56054,01711311591
Post Office (Kulaura Sadar)-08624-56153
Fire Service Civil Defense-08624-56118

Nabin Chandra High School
08624 56006

Kulaura Poli Clinic

Janokolayan Pharmacy

Shamim Pharmacy

Uno Kulaura

Grameen Phone Customer Service

Kulaura Press Club (President)

Ittefaq Sub Office

Nabab Ali Abbas Khan (M P)
Abdul Matin (Upazila Chairman )

Kamal Ahmed Juned
(Mayor Pourashava)

Komar Uddin Komru
(U. P Chairman 4 No Joychondi)

Shahjan Chowdhury
(U. P Chairman Baramchal)

2.ASP (Kulaura Circle), Moulovibazar, ASP, Police
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 01713374437
3.Kulaura Fire Station, Fire Service & Civil Defense, Fire Brigade & Civil Defense
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 0862456-118
4.Kulaura, Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd., Bank
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: (08624)56634 01714-037945
Adrs: S.A Shopping Center, Dakshin Bazar Kulaura, Moulavi Bazar
5.Joyfarnagar, Janata Bank, Bank
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 39
Adrs: Rural 3 Post- Zuri, P.S.-Kolaura , Dist-Moulvibazar, Post Code-3251
6.Kulaura, Janata Bank, Bank
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 60
Adrs: Urban 2 Bari Plazza Post- Kulaura , P.S.-Kulaura , Dist-Moulvibazar, Post Code-3230
7.Contact Point, National Phone (PSTN), Telecome Company
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Adrs: Residential Engineer, National TeleCom Ltd. Kulaura Exchange, Kulaura, Moulavibazar
8.OC, Kulaura, Moulovibazar, OC, Police
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 01713374443
9.Kulaura, Pubali Bank, Bank
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 880 861 53050/45
Adrs: Kulaura P.O. - Kulaura Dist. - Moulvibazar Bangladesh
10.Kulaura Agency, M. Bazar, Sundarban, Courier Service
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 01711-835747
Others: Md. harun-Or-Rashid
11.Upazila Agriculture Officer, Agriculture
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 08624-56049
12.Upazilla Livestock Officer, Livestock
(Kulaura, Kulaura, Moulvibazar)
Ph: 0861-51103-149

Maulvi Bazar Sadar Upazila,


Agriculture Office

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Giashnagar
Giashnagar, P.O.-Giashnagar
P.S.-Moulvibazar, Moulvibazar-3210
Tel: 01819-550715

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Mostafapur
P.O.-Moulvibazar, P.S.-Moulvibazar

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Moulvibazar
Chomohona, Saifur Rahman Road
P.O.-Moulvibazar, P.S.-Moulvibazar
Tel: 0861-52231

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Zonal Office, Moulvibazar
120, Santibag, Girls School Road
P.O.-Moulvibazar, P.S.-Moulvibazar
Tel: 0861-52214

♣ AB Bank Ltd- Moulvibazar
Shamsher Nagar Road, Choumuhana, Moulvibazar
Tel: (0861) 53152, 52880
Fax: (0861) 53152

♣ Basic Bank Ltd-Chowmuhana Branch
152 Shamsernagar Road
Chowmuhana, Moulvibazar 3200
Tel: 0861-53238

♣ Brac Bank Ltd-Moulvibazar Branch
1st Floor, Julia Shopping City,
111, Shantibagh Central Road, Moulovibazar.
Phone: 0861 62817-19
Fax: 0861 62819

♣ The City Bank Ltd-Moulvi Bazar Branch
Kushumbagh Shoping City Sylhet Road, Moulvi Bazar
Tel: 0861-52840

♣ Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd-Moulvi Bazar Branch
Sanaur Complex, 1st Floor
Saifur Rahman Road, Poschim Bazar, Moulvibazar.
Tel: 0861-62850, 62851

♣ AL-Arafa Islami Bank Ltd-
99-100, Saifur Rahman Road, Moulvibazar
Tel: 0861-54106-7 01714-000907
Fax: 0861-54106

♣ IFIC Bank Ltd- Moulvi Bazar
69/1, Central Road, Paschim Bazar
P.O. & Dist. Moulvi Bazar
Tel: (0861) 52392, 52363
Fax: 0861-52363

♣ Eastern Bank Limited-Moulvi Bazar Branch
26 Sylhet Trunk Road (1st floor), Moulvi Bazar
Tel: 0861-52034, 52226
Fax: 0861-52226

♣ First Security Islami Bank Ltd.
Moulovibazar Branch
61, Central Road (Saifur Rahman Road)
(1st Floor) P.O-& P.S- Moulovibazar
Moulovibazar, Bangladesh.
Tel :( 88)0861-63095,
Fax :( 88) 0861-63096

♣ Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd -Maulvibazar Branch
67, Central Road, Moulvi Bazar
Tel: (0861) 52680, 62987
Mobile: 01730-032362
Fax: (0861) 52680

♣ Mercantile bank Ltd- Moulvibazar Branch
152-2 (1st Floor), Court Road, Moulvibazar
Tel: 0861-62871, 62872
Mobile: 01713-068126
Fax: 88-0861-62873

♣Premier Bank Ltd- Moulvi Bazar Branch
855/6 Sayed Mujtoba Ali Road,
Moulvi Bazar, Sylhet (Opening: 28 Dec 06)
Tel : 0861-62880, 62881
Mobile: 01715397399 (Manager)

♣ National Bank Ltd-
Moulvibazar Branch
95 Court Road, Moulvibazar. ;
Tel: : 880-861-52454

♣ NCC Bank Ltd- Moulvibazar Branch
Yakub Mansion, Sylhet Road,
(0861) 52312, 52981, 62532 0861-52981

♣ Prime Bank Ltd- Court Road Branch
Court Road, Moulvi Bazar -3200
Tel: (0861) 53877,54940
Telex:642193 PBLMB BJ

♣ Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd-
286/300 Ahmed Mansion (1st floor),
Saifur Rahman Road, Moulvibazar-3200
Tel: 0861-62874-6

♣National Bank Ltd- Sreemongal Branch
187, Moulvibazar Road,
Tel: 880-8626-778

♣ Uttara Bank Ltd- Choumohana,
13/2, Court Road, Moulvibazar-3200,
Tel: +880-861-52206,
Mobile 01711-405125,
E-mail: ,

♣ Uttara Bank Ltd- Kazir Bazar Branch
Kazir Bazar, Mirpur, Moulvibazar-3200,
Mobile 01711-438624

Maulvibazar Municipality
Tel: 0861-63081
Contact Person:
Md. Fayzul Karim Moin-Mayor
Mobile:  01711-869407,01711-403998
Res: 0861-52650,52651
Abdun Naser khan-Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: 0173-1794130, 0861-63086
A.T.M Mohiuddin Khandakar-Executive Engineer
Tel: 0861-63088
Md. Habibullah Khan-Secretary
Sayed Moshiur Rahman-Account Officer
Mobile: 01819-842636
H.M. Mahbubul Alam-Slum Development Officer
Contact: 01558-307864

Rajnagar Upazila,

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Munshi Bazar
Kholagram, P.O.-Karimpur Tea Garden
P.S.-Rajnagar, Moulvibazar-3235

Sreemangal Upazila

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Shindurkhan Bazar
P.O.-Janaura, P.S.-Sreemongal
Tel: 08626-71506

♣ Agrani Bank Ltd-Sreemongal
Chomohona, Station Road Sreemongal
P.O.-Sreemongal, P.S.-Sreemongal
Tel: 08626-71506

♣ AB Bank Ltd-Sreemongal Branch
Aziz Super Market, Moulvibazar Road,
Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
Tel: (08626) 71322, (08626) 71718
Date of opening: 25.10.90

♣ AL-Arafa Islami Bank Ltd- Ruposhpur Branch
Plot No-1450 Central Road Rupashpur,
Srimangal, Moulvibazar
Tel: 03891-885130 08626-71242
Fax: 08626-71242

♣ The City Bank Ltd
Srimongal Branch
Moulvibazar Road Sreemangal, Moulvibazar-3210
Tel: 71528, 88024

♣ Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd
Sreemongal Branch
Afzal Plaza, Moulvibazar Road,
Sreemongal, Moulvibazar
Tel: 08626-72078, 08626-72079

♣ Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd
Atiq Market, Srimongal, Moulvi Bazar
Tel: (08626) 71120
Mobile: 01711-889950

♣ IFIC Bank Ltd- Sreemongal
Razzaque Cosmolitan Super Market (1st Floor),
Dhaka Sylhet Highway, Shreemongal, Moulvi Bazar
Tel: 08626-924, 01713-301203

♣ Prime Bank Ltd- Sreemangal Branch
Saptadinga Complex (1st Floor)
Ward # 9, Holding No # 145
Moulvibazar Road, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
Tel: (08626) 71181, 71183
Fax: +88-08626-71182

♣ Uttara Bank Ltd- Sreemongal Branch
P.O. & P.S. Sreemongal, Moulvibazar-3210,
Tel: +880-8626-71505, Mobile 01711-802261


  1. it will be a pleasure for me if anybody can give me some info regarding the Bhunabir village,Maulavi Bazaar, Sylhet, Bangladesh. It's my ancestrial village. Thank you.


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